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"You aren’t just the best musician I’ve ever heard,  you’re an order of magnitude better than whoever is second."  Norm West


"Your YouTube rendition of Dulcinea is PERFECT -- your artistry shines through, and you have exquisitely captured the longing and love in Quixote's mind for his beautiful illusion of Dulcinea.  You truly are a master of phrasing" - Wendy Dunn





“There are some things in life that are unattainable; (and yet) you've just heard one”. the legendary Bill Briggs speaking to the Jackson Hole Hootenanny crowd




“Thinking of you and your wonderful music; may you be well and at peace.  Was painting an illustration last month for the new TV show premiering on DEC.4th. Mob City.  The whole time I was painting it I was listening to your CD, inspirational and peaceful to paint to.   Drew Struzan, (artist for Star Wars, Blade Runner, Harry Potter, the Muppets, Back to the Future, Indiana Jones)


Looking at art and listening to music doubles the experience, like a marriage.  The two together, more than the sum of the parts.  Music to go with the short show???  Byron comes to mind; perfect with my art. Drew Struzan


“Look at my work online to see if my work would honor your music. I'd love for others to enjoy the experience of hearing and seeing our works together.”  Drew Struzan


“(Your) music matches (my) artwork unbelievably well.  We are extremely pleased.  Hope it suits you too.” Drew Struzan


“I just love what you do with great admiration.  To connect on even this small thing is such a blessing to me.  Thanks for your kindness.”  Drew Struzan




I saw your December 28th concert from the Youtube link.  Wow, really wonderful!  Your heart to hand connection is truly mesmerizing.  I got to hear one of your CDs in Drew's studio back in October and enjoyed every cut...just fantastic.  Judging from the photos of you in the beautiful land where you live and the talent that you possess, you are already very wealthy.  

James Sanders, Reel Productions



“Indeed a Virtuoso and a credit to the music world” E. W. Hopper, Hollywood Film Producer


“The variety of tonal nuances with which he expresses himself is seemingly limitless”,

Carmel Classic Guitar Festival Board of Directors


“To say Byron Tomingas is a man of many talents is barely scratching the surface”

John Cooke, Author, Performer


“You don’t hear many people who can even play it (Rodrigo’s Fandango) let alone play it at that level”  Richard Spross, Music Instructor, Monterey CA


“ He turns anything into a masterpiece so we’ll end it here because no one can top that” Bill Briggs, Founder; Jackson Hole Hootenanny



"Brilliant” Nevada State Journal


“Magic Fingers” Angela Smith, SC


“Phenomenal Response” Guitar News of England


“Velvet Fingers” Guy Olsen Whittier Inn Alaska

“Splendid Musicality” Jack Neal, Classical Review


“He stunned (the audience) ~ performing Rodrigo’s Concierto” John Cooke, author & performer


“ Our magnificent Guitarist “ Bill Briggs, Jackson Hole



“ Determined, skillful and articulate” “ Dr. Louis M. Soffer


“Concerts fine tuned to the heart of the audience” Guy Horn


“A great musician and well known genius” Arnie Gamble, Luthier


“One hell of a guitar player!” Recording Engineer, Monterey, CA


“That (performance) raises folk music to a whole new level” Bill Briggs


“Music just seems to flow out of his fingertips” unknown concert patron


“I want to write music for you” Maestro Roman Ryterband, Classical Composer*


“A leading force in music of this kind” Classical Radio Commentator Euell Labhard


“On a scale of 1 – 10 your guitar scored a 11! Lenny Sorrenson-Cobb, Sound Engineer


Enchanted Animation” Ephran Younger, Vice President Carmel Classic Guitar Festival



I am still haunted (in a good way!) by your guitar playing at Jenny Lake Lodge earlier this week and have constantly played the CDs since then.  And please, when you make new recordings, please let me know! Thanks again for the wonderful entertainment in an absolutely beautiful venue.  It was the absolute highlight of my trip.

Best regards,

Dianne Beck


When Byron starts to play, its amazing, everyone gets so quiet, and then my heart stops.

Unknown girl at Jenny Lake Lodge


Historical Society of Jackson Hole:

Dr. Sharon Kahin, our Executive Director was so moved by your mastery of the classical guitar and gentle stories of (growing up in) the valley last year that she insists I contact you.  Brenda Roberts, a professional story teller, says “I was right there with you in your stories which is the finest moment of great story telling”.

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"Scintillating" quote from Ephran Younger, VP Carmel Classic Guitar Festival

Byron Tomingas


PO Box 1032

Jackson, WY 

83001 USA

Tel: 307-690-1514

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Did you know that it often costs the musician to play a concert?  That's why many soloists performing with orchestras on television or the concert stage are sponsored.  To fill the hall people have to know about the event which means advertising and that is very expensive. To rent the hall is very expensive, people to staff the event, ticket sales, it all takes funding.  Concert quality instruments are rarely owned by the musician any more, they have a benefactor that loans it to them. If you love fine music this is your opportunity to provide assistance to ensure the continuation of great art.  It all starts with an idea, a house party of friends, a special guest and good cause.


Event planning or Festival application forming a non-profit group, creating materials; CD & DVD packaging, word of mouth promotion of events. It's all needed and appreciated.


At the previous turn of the century, artists such as Arthur Rubinstein lived by virtue of friends and sponsors and were not expected to go make a living, they were a public treasure.  When Rubinstein came to America he had a whole new reality to come to terms with and he had to generate income in order to pursue his art. ref: "My Younger Years" by Arthur Rubinstein.


The actual event needs people to haul props, equipment; staging, lighting, amplification, filming, documenting.  An artist today without help has to do all that plus; artwork, recording, manufacturing, purchasing equipment, Web sites, promotional materials, photos, videos, paying normal day to day bills and yes, they have to practice and prepare to be able to dazzle on a moments notice and be worthy of standing on stage in front of an audience filled with expectations.


MAESTRO     ~   Event Underwriter


Conductor    ~   $1000


Performer   ~   $ 500


Fan               ~   $ 100


Pal                ~ Services or under $100


NOT deductible, despite the reality of a musicians income, the IRS does not see them as "non-profit".  But the artist makes this world a better place due to their craft

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