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One of,

if not the first significant Guitar Festivals in America

Byron recieved a standing ovation from this audience of 350 peer professional musicians, composers, conductors, Luthier's & afficianado's standing room only at Sunset Center, Carmel, CA. 


When Guy Horm was organizing one of the highly demanding classic guitar competitions to be held during this festival, he asked Byron what he was working on, the Bach "Gavottes I & II" and Rodrigo's "Fandango" those works became the standard all of the competitors had to play.


Guitarist Richard Spross had Byron as a guest artist and asked hin to play the Rodrigo Fandango at a Master Class at Monterey Peninsula College a year later, Byron hadn't played it in several months but gave it a try.  When he finished, Richard turned to the guitarists in the class and said "You won't hear many who can even play this work at all, let alone at that level!"


Other great Guitarists that played at this festival were:  brilliant guitarist, Manuel Barrueco and the wonderful Jorge Morel, both treasures of the musical guitar world.


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