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Ma Vlast Rain Storm in the Mountains - Byron Tomingas
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Ma Vlast Variation by B Tomingas

Ma Vlast by Smetana is about a rain storm in Alpine mountains, in my variation, you can hear the wind build up, approaching thunder, sweet aromas, babbling streams and rain, the the storm moves off leaving only sweetness.

An Idea by my brother Henry about Moonlight, Storms and Beautiful Jenny Lake 


A song for jenny and for jenny lake lodge.. a song about jenny lake...and the jenny being alone when beaver dick leigh left to go trapping..jenny then on blue moon night as small shadow on the bank of the lake gazing at the mountains doing fierce battle with the fast moving clouds for the favor of jenny and the blue moon...
You the midnight hiker and perci should know what a powerful thing this is. then became a concerto with. Sounds like night on bald mountain then for the animals to be afraid and jenny begins to him quietly to sooth the animals I'm her native language this point it became musical for stage and your artist friend in LA to do the art for production to permote the play..screen writer perci? sets needed here
..Dave volsic to do a painting for Jenny lake 

And the first music to be a performance at Jenny lake with art
Work and story line...narrated from 
Jenny's tribe member translated as the music is played

The final musical funded and opening

New York. LA. Jenny lake. Grand Teton lodge. Jackson or Washington d.c.

I am sure many would like to come aboard to help.
There is a girl from homer related to the kilchers that played Pocahontas
In the movie....jule kilcher has a good voice but the woman that sang in the music for then movie titanic would be
Perci may be good enough with languages to sing the music in Shoshone or what ever tribe Jenny was from..
Then .
If you have time move on to movie version and new ground of the trappers...mountain men an women.

"Got dream boy paint your wagon and come along"

Actually some of dads film may work
The Laubins that lived by craigheads could provide Indian lore

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