You could be involved, all of these tasks need to be done, Imagine doing them all as well as being the performer who has to be prepared to dazzel on a moments notice!  Does it pay? Not in money, it usually costs the artist to play an event not counting their time and effort.  For instance, a concert quality instrument is in the price of a new car range.  Recordings, recording equipment, materials, art work, promotion, event promotion, Web site creation, it's a surprisingly expensive and time consuming endeavor.  


  • Locating events

  • Contacting event managers

  • Assembling/posting promotional packages 

  • Stage crew 

  • Sound crew

  • Lighting crew

  • Negotiations & Logistics

  • Non-profit status documentation

  • Organization Manager

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Maestro:                 Event underwriter

Conductor:              $1000.

Performer:             $  500

Fan:                        Under $100


Not a tax deductible donation, the IRS does not see the arts as non-profit even when they are negative flow.


Each level receives an autographed gift.


"Scintillating" a quote by Ephran Younger, VP Carmel Classic Guitar Festival

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Byron Tomingas

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