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Sponsor Categories


Maestro:                 Event underwriter

Conductor:              $1000.

Performer:             $  500

Fan:                        Under $100


Not a tax deductible donation, the IRS does not see the arts as non-profit even when they are negative flow.


Each level receives an autographed gift.


"Scintillating" a quote by Ephran Younger, VP Carmel Classic Guitar Festival

Volunteers reveive a gift pack with a rare CD 

You could be involved, all of these tasks need to be done, Imagine doing them all as well as being the performer who has to be prepared to dazzel on a moments notice!  Does it pay? Not in money, it usually costs the artist to play an event not counting their time and effort.  For instance, a concert quality instrument is in the price of a new car range.  Recordings, recording equipment, materials, art work, promotion, event promotion, Web site creation, it's a surprisingly expensive and time consuming endeavor.  


  • Locating events

  • Contacting event managers

  • Assembling/posting promotional packages 

  • Stage crew 

  • Sound crew

  • Lighting crew

  • Negotiations & Logistics

  • Non-profit status documentation

  • Organization Manager


Classic Guitarists

Ana Vidovic

Byron Tomingas

Art Legend

Drew Struzan


Byron Tomingas


Jackson Hole Symphony

A Lofty & Powerful Contributor to the

Byron Tomingas


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