Superior highway manners and incredible stickiness on slick surfaces. These Vans are simple and therefore flexible with plenty of room. All running gear is vehicle manufacturer designed and tested for peace of mind.  Visit the website: VanTrek

These Vans are for lots of highway and in town travel with excursions off road but not heavy boulder crawling although I've been caught in that situation and the Van was terrific. Their long wheel base makes serious off road impossible without jacking them up to where they are unstable.  My needs are 40% rough dirt roads, the rest is on pavement, these Vans are perfect. 

I set them up myself and usually have one available for sale in the $30,000 to $40,000 range for the basics. They are used vehicles with some mileage as they aren't manufactured anymore. Write me if you're interested in one of them.


If however, you need low gearing and more off road ability,

check out my T-Rovers: Long old style Land Rovers with

modern running gear, A/C, V8, push button 4x4 & low range

but you can still sleep cozy inside without a "Tent Top".

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