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WY Native Son
  • WY Native Son

    Songs heard while growing up in Jackson Hole WY.  My Dad was born in Gillette WY where he and his brothers had a Barn Dance Band, they would swap instruments and shout "Lets shoot another tune!" and they would tear into something like "Red Wing". My Mother sang in a High School girls Quartet, some songs are from her LP record collection. The Wort Hotel (pronounce it like a native: wurt rhymes with work) in Jackson also had top flight entertainers like Rusty Draper, Sons of the Golden West, Ellie Sines and the Diamonds, even Willie Nelson performed on their stage. So growing up here was isolated but still a musically enriched environment. I used to stand in the hallway by the bar as a teen and listen to all the great groups back in an era where they did full shows, with great comedy, flashy songs, sweet songs and hilarious stories, terrific entertainment.   
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