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Byron at Jenny Lake
  • Byron at Jenny Lake

    I have played for 16 years (2023) at the gorgeous Jenny Lake Lodge in the summer right under my favorite mountain Tewinot which means "Many Spires" rising right out of an emerald lake. Previously I only performed in concert, but they asked and it turned out to be a terrific combination and venue for my music. I get to play the other part of my repertoire which is somewhere around 400 memorized songs. I play three hours straight and don't repeat a song, vary the order and choice of material as I have enough that are appropriate for several nights in a row without a repeat. People often ask which is my favorite, I love them all and simply enjoy spending time with them each and ever one so my heart is in each song, each time. Some of my songs are concert works with lots of fire and emotion, others are contemplative, some as gentle and tender as a child and others are event specific like weddings or Christmas so I don't get to do quite all of them. In addition, a wide variety of tastes in music come in the door so I get to play a more international and era specific tunes. So an evening at Jenny Lake Lodge can be quite a tour of styles and epochs and that's what this album is, more of a sampler of many musical perspectives done solo on my Oribe Guitar.

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