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-40 Below
  • -40 Below

    HOT songs for cold nights in Jackson Hole.  I saw many -40 below temperatures growing up here and even an occasional -60.  Weeks would go by where temperatures never rose above zero Fahrenheit. -20 Was a normal day when you would go out and do things.  Heating was always an issue, as a little kid in Jackson you learned to handle an axe very early and chopped a lot of wood. Our log house was heated by a big iron cooking range that was fired by wood. It also provided the hot water via a tank mounted on the stove. Loved that old stove. I would sit with my wooly socks and put my feet on the far edge, lean back in a chair and look out at the blizzard that was often raging outdoors, a great feeling was to have been out there in it and now getting toasty with a cup of hot chocolate. There's a couple of Russian songs on here because they too know about staying warm in the winter and hot songs actually help quite a lot!
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